Three sushi options in Rio de Janeiro: good, cute and cheap

sushi-rio-de-janeiro-1There is a strong connection between Brazil and Japan. The largest Japanese population outside Japan lies in Brazil and, fortunately, their culinary culture has expanded throughout much of Brazil. Although Sao Paulo is the largest Japanese gastronomic center, Rio de Janeiro is not far behind. Japanese food choices in Rio are plentiful and they continue to multiply.



sushi rio de janeiroIn the cost-benefit analysis there are three restaurants that deserve to be mentioned. Located in the most exclusive part of the neighborhood of Bossa Nova, Ipanema Sushi has one of the best sushi chefs in Rio. In the small restaurant Chef Mauro Rodrigues, a disciple of the master, Carlos Ohata, prepares delicious dishes and never-seen before rolls.



sushi-rio-de-janeiro-3The traditional rodízio (all-you-can-eat) costs R$49 and the highly recommended chef’s tasting menu, R$69. Nearby, inside the Hotel Everest, the Edo Dombri rodízio offers excellent dishes, sushi and sashimi from R$54.90.



sushi rio de janeiro A less glamorous but also less costly alternative is the Catete Grill, a kilo restaurant (pay by weight) in the Catete neighborhood where you can load up a kilo of sushi and sashimi of the highest quality for R$42.90. Prices DO NOT include drinks or tips.




Ipanema Sushi

Henrique Dumont, 65. Ipanema.

Tel. (21) 2512-1116


Dombri Edo

Rua Prudente de Morais, 1117. Hotel Everest


Tel. (21) 3201-1104


Catete Grill

Rua do Catete, 239. Catete

Tel. (21) 2285-3442


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